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Sean Kozak

NeuroStreet Trading Academy / 10:00EST

Doc Severson

Ready Set Trade / 11:00EST

Fausto Pugliese

Cyber Trading University / 12:00EST

Juan Maldonado

Elliott Wave Street / 13:00EST

Saturday, November 7th, 2020
10:00 AM to 14:00 PM EST
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WSI is a Multi-Speaker Trading Summit for traders of all levels to learn from industry experts about trading software, systems, strategies, and more.

Sean Kozak | NeuroStreet Trading Academy
Starts at 10:00 EST
Learn To Day Trade Futures In 4 Easy Steps.

Imagine how it will feel to finally have consistent trading profits day after day, week after week, month after month! Learning to Day Trade involves a couple of critical aspects that if done correctly can alter the course of your life and career forever. In today's Webinar Sean will teach you how with 4 easy to follow steps.

  • Manage risk and not blow out your account!
  • Learn how to make $500 in less than 3 hours each day
  • Core strategies taught in 4 easy to follow steps
  • ​Step by Step Process
  • ​Real Trades (Examples & Fills)
  • ​Webinar special discount 
Sean President of NeuroStreet Trading Academy is a global assets trader specializing in technical strategies for day & swing trading. His passion for trading influenced him to develop comprehensive software products & training programs designed to teach others. His strengths are grooming traders for success and providing a wealth of resources for optimal trading performance and results.

Sean graduated from Ottawa Algonquin College studying in Business Administration (Finance Major). He was President of the Algonquin College Finance Society and had his CSC (Canadian Securities Course).
Doc Severson | Ready Set Trade
Starts at 11:00 EST
The Four Charting Rules that Changed My Life

Financial markets move differently today than they did just a few years ago, yet most investors are still using the same old methods and tools. Learn how to analyze any market in any timeframe,
using four simple rules that uncover how markets really move.
In today's presentation, Doc will show you how to anticipate the next move in any chart without being surprised or having to chase after the move. You can finally stop spinning your wheels trying to learn the latest study or chart pattern, because this system works with any of today's financial markets, and will work exactly the same at any date in the future. Get ready to take some notes and learn how to fix your chart analysis forever with only four simple rules!

  • Learn a new way of analyzing charts that can be used for any application, any asset, and any timeframe.How the ETH and RTH session levels provide excellent trade location.
  • ​Learn how financial markets mimic nature
  • ​Use one system that will never become obsolete, for any style of trading that you do!
  • ​Four simple rules describe this system, which anyone can learn
What do you get when you combine two engineering degrees, an MBA, and over twenty years of experience trading the financial markets? You get a resource that can break down complex concepts and explain them to investors of all backgrounds.
Doc Severson has been actively trading the Stocks, Futures, Options, and Cryptocurrency markets since the mid-90’s, and his specialty is finding edge with the same basic chart analysis techniques that he outlines in his latest Amazon book, Fractal Energy Trading: Four Simple Rules to Profit in Any Market & Any Timeframe. He has taught these principles to thousands attending his online webinars, live seminars, and trading courses, and has become the “go-to” source for understanding how to find opportunities through multiple timeframe price-based charting techniques.
His companion book, Hacking  the Holy Grail: The Trader’s Guide to Cracking the Code of Profitability addresses the myriad mental roadblocks that come with making decisions in the face of risk, and is a stumbling block to traders of all shapes and account sizes until they find that the Trader’s Holy Grail is not the magic trading strategy that they’re looking for…the Holy Grail of Trading is actually between their ears. 

Doc has been helping students in all countries and all backgrounds simplify their approach to markets since 2005, and his current platform is at where he conducts a live trading room to help retail traders build a system to create consistent income opportunities targeting profits of $100/day.

Fausto Pugliese | Cyber Trading University 
Starts at 12:00 EST
The Most Important Tape Reading Tactics Every Trader Should Know

In the late 19th century, the ticker tape machine was invented and was used to print valuable real-time information about a stock’s transaction price and volume.

Although we’ve come a long way since the earliest stock traders were using the ticker tape to read orders and gain an ‘edge’, not much has changed for tape-readers! While most traders have forgotten about tape reading in lieu of fancy indicators; Fausto Pugliese can prove that tape reading is an important skill every trader should have in their arsenal.

By understanding how to follow the market makers and smart money, Fausto Pugliese developed his own modern day approach to tape-reading which allows him to stay profitable in any market condition. Fausto is the only educator in the industry that teaches traders the necessary strategy of using time and sales tape reading and the little-known Level III order book.

  • An explanation of time and sales
  • ​Finding patterns in the tape and taking advantage of it
  • ​How to follow smart money on Level III/Nasdaq Bookviewer
  • ​Why indicators are unnecessary
Fausto, CEO of Cyber Trading University is one of the early “SOES Bandits” who dominated stocks in the 1990s. After semi-retiring as a successful trader in his early-twenties, Fausto developed his own trading school.  Fausto is also a twelve-time champion of the MoneyShow Traders’ Challenge and is known for his live-trading events where he gets to prove how well his trading methods work in real-time.
Juan Maldonado | Elliot Wave Street
Starts at 13:00 EST
Elliott Wave Trading with Live Markets Examples

In this Elliott Wave presentation, we are teaching how to use the Elliott Wave analysis to find high probability trades. Learn how to validate the end of the waves with simple price action techniques. 
Also, we are going to look at the live markets and find current trading opportunities along with medium and long term forecasts. This webinar is for the Stocks, Options, Forex, and Futures trader.

  • Learn to navigate the markets with Elliott Wave.
  • Apply validations to find the end of the waves.
  • See the Elliott Wave theory in action with live market analysis.
Juan is a professional trader, speaker, writer, and mentor. Technical analyst, with exceptional skills in the Elliott Wave principle. Since 2010 helping traders accelerating their learning curve with a practical and unique methodology.
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Industry experts reveal the secrets of today’s best market opportunities!
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WSI is a Multi-Speaker Trading Summit for traders of all levels to learn from industry experts about trading software, systems, strategies, and more.

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